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Social media has become a congruence of personal and business branding. It is a battlefield where content is key, but so is relevance. However, the issue with relevance is that it changes with time. Diversity has become as valuable as consistency, and to stay on your a-game, you will need to keep up with the times and its trends.

Keeping up with social media trends is a two-fold venture. On one side you will need to put up posts incorporating popular trends or opinions on political and social happening, and on the other side, you will need to diversify and adapt your social strategy to accommodate new platforms and metrics.


Here’s a look at some of the major social media trends in January 2020:


Make it a meme

Memes are relatable posts that apply current context to a generic format that incorporates aspects of culture, media or social causes. Here are some trending social media post formats that various businesses made the best of

• The #DollyPartonChallenge saw 450K+ posts from various celebrities, brands and individuals, who put up a collage of themselves as portrayed on various social channels. A few notable ones included:

The Bombay Shaving Company

Subway India


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Many faces. Same great taste. #SocialChallenge #TrendingFormat #PostFormat #TopicalSpot #Trending #SubLove #DollyPatronChallenge

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#TheArtVsTheArtist format that helped brands and others show their audiences what they can do for them or even just flaunt their humour side. Here are a couple of posts that really stood out:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

Starbucks India

• The #NewPassword trend let brands show how they can provide a better and stronger side of themselves to their audiences. The format helped emphasize brand value. Here are a few commendable posts:

Acko Insurance


Take a stand

Customers no longer just want to buy services from reliable providers, but want to support brands and businesses that stand for their values. Netizens have become divided over social and political issues, and with tensions flaring high, brands and celebrities are being ostracized for remaining silent. Showing where you stand has become a means to display brand values and show support for your audiences.

Connect with nano-influencers

A recent crackdown on fake followers have put influencers under scrutiny. Brands in 2020 need to find genuine and relevant influencers to reach their target audience. This has led to nano-influencers playing a bigger role than they once donned. Brands have started preferring influencers that do not chase after likes and have large followings. This is so that the brands can have more engaging conversations and build more meaningful relationships.

Rethink your social stand

Have you been avoiding new or other social platforms because they are not your cup of tea? Have you been keeping to the same format because that’s what you’re comfortable with? Well, 2020 is where you change that. Your social strategy needs to be defined by your audiences, you need to reach them on their preferred platform and by using their preferred formats. TikTok and Reddit, both have audiences and capabilities that brands need to take advantage of. Additionally, as of now, if you aren’t making short videos, you’re not doing enough to interact with your audience. Video is still the most preferred format for engagement, so get your stories out there. Let’s rethink where we stand on social media.

Optimize your social SEO

Social media is not just to direct traffic, it can also be your social search engine. While it is up to you to create the content that is meaningful, social media has made it easy for new brands to be found. Start thinking of social media as a means for people to connect with your brand. Use the right hashtags and start conversations with the right people. Make it easier for others to find you.

If you think about it, it’s amazing how useful social media can be for a brand, especially those that provide meaningful services. For institutes, though-leaders and other game-changers in the field of education, it has become increasingly evident that social media has to be a part of your strategy to garner trust and credibility.

At Mad About Ed, we help brands in the field of education soar to greater heights using social media.

Will you be trending in 2020?

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